Who? What? Why?

WHO am I?

I am Nichole, mom of 3, full time nurse, photo booth operator, Sunday school teacher,  and busy crafter!  My husband is Bob, full time auto detailer (a.k.a. car wash boy) specializing in paintless dent repair, photo booth helper, and Super Dad. 


 We have 3 monkeys, I mean kids, I assure you they are human, they don’t fling poop usually, although they eat bananas and climb cabinets with ease!  They are Marissa, 8 year old big sister, aspiring doctor/Ballerina/Princess; Ryan, 6 year old Minecraft obsessed goofball with a heart of gold; and Theo, 2 year old with an attitude and a not so innocent smile. 

Our Monkeys! 

Some days they’re super sweet.


Most days look like this. 

WHAT is this all about?

I don’t even know yet! I know it’ll include parenting struggles and joys, tons of funny things my kids say and do, crafts I’m working on, and LOTS of pictures because I LOVE pictures!   

In case you are a circus fanatic and the title of this blog misled you, you should know there probably won’t be much about a typical circus, the kind with clowns, elephants, acrobats, etc.  The closest thing we have to a circus act is extra nipples, but that’s a post for a different day.  

WHY am I writing this?

I’ve almost completed all the candy crush levels and thought I’d need something else to fill my time.  Just kidding, I have plenty of laundry and other things to fill my time.  

So many times someone has said, “You should write a book about all the things they say/do,” after hearing stories about our crazy monkeys!  Writing SOMETHING has been on my mind for the last few months and this seemed like the best place to start.  I really enjoy writing and have been told before I’m pretty good at putting things into words.  
I’m glad you’re here!  I hope this blog brings lots of laughter!  


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