Sometimes When I Open My Mouth My Mother Comes Out…



  • I hope someday you have kids just like you!
      • I love my kids but some days they drive me absolutely crazy!  Sometimes I cringe to myself when I hear this come out of my mouth! Guess who is gonna be babysitting their kids some day?  Hopefully me, so if their children could be slightly calmer I’d really appreciate it!  My 6 year old has assured me many times that he will always make sure they are happy and let them have whatever they want.  I need to get this on video to show his kids someday.  I think my Mom got what she wished for, my daughter is my mini me in almost every way.  
  • Hold your head still!  
      • I know many times my mom would say this while yanking a brush through my hair while I’d complain that she was too rough.  I’m sure I was holding way more still than my 8 year old daughter does when I’m trying to brush the knots out of her hair….
  • Wear your pants where they belong!
      • In recent years I have come to despise the ever popular low-rise jeans, the only muffin top I wanna see is from one I can eat, which is probably why I need high waisted mom pants.  My 8 year old daughter who refuses to even pick out her own clothes every morning (yet whines about half the stuff I set out for her) has already become a low rise fan.  In my defense the only times I’ve told her that her pants belong up higher are when she was wearing leggings or tights.  
  • If you’re bored there is plenty of stuff that needs done around here!
      • The only time that my kids are not bored is when they are eating or playing with some electronic device.  When I declare that all screen time is being revoked there is suddenly absolutely NOTHING to do in our house.  Even though you can’t see their bedroom floors or the toy room floor and there toys are strewn throughout the house.  Not to mention the millions of toys laying around.  I know I did the same thing.  
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
    • I don’t use these exact words most of the time, but I’m sure I have said them before. I am constantly trying to explain to my kids that everything costs money and that money has to be earned somehow.

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