Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That: Laundry 

Ain’t nobody got time for that: Laundry
You know that great feeling you get from successfully catching up on laundry? No? Me either!! Occasionally I try to convince myself it’s all caught up by not emptying the dryer, which only leads to the wet clothes in the washer sitting too long and beginning to smell. This does help buy some time though since I have to run the washer again.

I will admit there is constantly a ginormous pile of clean laundry on my dining room table. If you’ve ever been to my house and haven’t seen said pile, I obviously knew you were coming and had time to prepare/hide it behind my closed bedroom door.  

 I don’t need to be putting all my dirty laundry on the internet so here is my clean laundry.  

Some mornings when I’ve spent 10 minutes digging through “the pile” for a pair of socks for all 3 kids I think, “I have GOT to do something about this tonight.” Then tonight comes and I’ve usually lost all motivation. Some days I do have some motivation, but so does the 2 year old. He’s such a great helper!

Some days I even think we need to find or start a nudist colony where laundry doesn’t exist!  

My sister made a New Year’s Resolution to do one load of laundry every day. I think in my case we create at least 2 loads of laundry every day! That’s if I load the washer, which my husband will insist is overloaded. I will continue to insist he is under loading it though.   

I’m sure I am not alone in the laundry battle.