I finally did it! 

I beat all the levels in candy crush! Just kidding, that’s not really what this is about and I only beat the levels available on the iOS version!    
I’ve been thinking about the 21 day challenge and shakeology for a while from beachbody. A couple girls at work were doing it and encouraged me to do it with them, so I signed up right away.   
I am so glad that I did! I am loving the shakeology, it keeps me full throughout the morning and I love expermenting with different recipes. My favorite so far is a strawberry colada. 
And who can argue with these results!  

I was so impressed with this program that I decided to become a beachbody coach! You can email me at nicholekoch@hotmail.com to find out more about signing up for a challenge group!  


Stitch Fix 

Have you heard of stitch fix?  You can sign up to get a fix in the mail that’s been hand picked by your own personal stylist!  This was my 2nd fix, I requested some things for an upcoming weekend getaway with my husband.  

I love these Kut from the Kloth jeans!  They are Sooo comfy!  I usually buy long jeans but these are extra long!  The gray shirt was comfy but not something I was willing to pay $48 for 😳

I really like this Dolman top that I received this time!  It pairs great with jeans and I really love the fit! Plus my sisters liked it when I put it on 😊

I also received this jacket which is a little too short for me and the arms feel a little too tight.

And last but not least!  My most favorite part of this stitch fix!  I am absolutely in love with this dress!  The color, the fit, the fabric is all perfect!!  I will definitely be keeping this!  


If you’d like to try your own stitch fix use the referral link below!  When you sign up to receive a fix I will get a credit.